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In addition to being a leading American poet, Robert Frost also understood a central truth in the law: It’s not enough to have a meritorious case; you need the right people to present your case effectively. That holds true whether you are in front of a jury, judge, arbitrator, or mediator.

At Garcia & Milas we spend a great deal of time thinking about what it means to be “the better lawyer.” Lawyers love to debate issues, yet there is a consensus among the lawyers at Garcia & Milas that there are certain qualities and values we recognize as central to our ability to be “the better lawyer” for our clients.

We recognize the importance of really listening to our clients. That means learning about our clients’ businesses and the unique challenges they face. It also means finding out what each client wants to accomplish in every matter we undertake.

We recognize the special privilege we enjoy as lawyers. Our clients entrust us with their most important business and personal matters. We never take that trust lightly.

We recognize the need to promote diversity of persons, backgrounds, ideas, goals, and philosophies in our Firm and in our communities. Through our work with community and bar association groups, as well as our Firm practices and policies, we seek new ways to accomplish this goal. Diversity of persons and ideas makes us better lawyers.

We recognize the need to invest resources in training and continuing legal education. The law changes and as a Firm we are committed to doing everything we can to provide the lawyers and support staff with the tools they need to be the best.

We recognize that with success comes the responsibility to share that success with others. We are leaders in business and industry trade groups, as well as in our local, state, and national bar associations. We also actively support a number of community non-profit organizations. And we have found that the old maxim– when you give to others you reap great personal satisfaction for yourself– still holds true.

As Garcia & Milas approaches its 40th anniversary, we have made a promise to ourselves and to our clients that we will continue to promote the values we believe help us to be “the better lawyer.”

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