Larsen Chelsey Realty Co. v. Larsen, 232 Conn. 480, 656 A.2d 1009 (1995).


Garcia & Milas obtained an order from the Connecticut Supreme Court directing that the trial court rehear claims under the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act asserted by a real estate brokerage against its former president and the company that stole the former president away, together with most of the listings of the company.

H.Pearce took the listings of Larsen Chelsey Realty Co. when Pearce hired Craig Larsen, president of Larsen Chelsey Realty, away from Larsen Chelsey. In a trial before the Connecticut Superior Court, based on defective jury instructions, the jury found for Larsen Chelsey, but failed to award significant damages. The trial court, Judge Anthony DeMayo, directed a verdict for Pearce on the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practice (“CUTPA”) Count. On appeal, the Connecticut Supreme Court reversed and remanded the case to the trial court on the CUTPA issues. The case settled before retrial. Wiggin & Dana represented Pearce at Trial and on appeal.

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